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Identifying Digital Maturity of Your Business

In order to develop an effective digital strategy that will enable you to achieve the desired future state of digital capabilities in your business we need to know exactly where your business is right now in its digital maturity lifecycle.

As part of our digital capability assessment, we work closely with you and your teams to:

  1. Analyse the current state of your business digital capabilities
  2. Identify key digital process challenges
  3. Identify non-digital processes that can be converted into digital workflows
  4. Agree on the desired future state of your business digital capabilities
  5. Recommend digital solutions to achieve the desired future state

Developing Custom-Built Digital Solutions

We work with you to develop custom-built digital solutions specific to your business needs that optimise efficiency of your digital business processes and supercharge work execution.

In developing the digital solutions for your business we apply the proven principles of Job-to-be-done (JTBD) and Outcome Drive Innovation (ODI), focusing on unmet needs of each job executer and fitting them into the context of the business strategy as a whole.

We use Smartsheet work execution platform, associated Smartsheet products, such as 10,000ft resource management solution, WorkApps and Control Centre, and their ability to integrate with 300+ digital products to create long lasting digital solutions that will future proof your business by fostering continuous digital transformation and enabling you to pivot quickly to ensure your digital operations are moving in line with your business strategy.

Managing Digital Processes for You

We reduce your time and effort required to effectively manage Smartsheet digital processes, including their continuous updates and improvements, and take this responsibility off your plate, allowing you and your teams to focus on their business priorities.

By managing your Smartsheet digital processes for you, we ensure continuous alignment of your people and technology and drive your business forward through greater adoption and usage of digital technologies across your business.

Having a digital process management consultant can quickly prove itself as a cost effective win strategy for your business.

Building Digitally Capable Teams

We train your teams in Smartsheet products, fostering the culture of continuous improvement and supporting your business digital succession planning strategy. We offer one-on-one and group training sessions.

Our Smartsheet Fundamentals training program covers the following areas:

  1. Sheets
  2. Forms
  3. Reports
  4. Dashboards
  5. Automations
  6. Collaboration

We also keep you up-to-date with the latest Smartsheet developments relevant to your business and promote thought leadership in the area of digital transformation.

Discover the many ways Smartsheet can optimise operational efficiencies in your business

Calculate positive impact Smartsheet could have on your business

Click on the links below to access Smartsheet Business Impact Calculators for three key areas of business and project management.

Link: Project and Portfolio Management 

Link: Program Planning and Delivery

Link: Operations and Process Management

Find the best fit for your business

Smartsheet offers a variety of plans to suit operational requirements of businesses of any size, complexity and digital maturity.

Individual Plan Licences – best suitable for Sole Traders and Micro Businesses looking for improved optimisation of business digital processes and live reporting capabilities.

Business Plan Licences – best suitable for small to medium size businesses working in teams and looking for improved collaboration, optimised digital processes and live reporting on project and portfolio levels.

Enterprise Level Licences – best suitable for medium to large size businesses looking for increased security and administration oversight in addition to all the features available in the Smartsheet Business Plan licences.

Premier Plan Licences – best suitable for larger organisations that need premium options, such as Dynamic View, Jira Connector, Data Uploader, Microsoft Dynamic 365 Connector, Calendar App, DataMesh, Pivot App, Salesforce Connector and professional support.

Click on the link below to see a detailed breakdown of Smartsheet features by plan and choose between  Individual, Business, Enterprise and Premier plans.

Link: Smartsheet Features by Plan

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